3D CADD Design - 2" X 4" CNC Router Design
SolidWorks 3D CADD Design
picture of Blanco CNC Router

This was the CNC Router I designed and built using SolidWorks 3D CADD application. I built the mill from scrap parts and an old CNC Controller I had from a previous CNC Machine. This machine was an Open Source CNC Router project. I did not have a lot of money, however it was an awesome machine. It was very reliable and I was able to CNC Route over 2,000 parts. For a hobby machine I was pleased with it and now it is being redesigned for a better controller (1/16 accuracy at 200 microsteps), adding ball screws and a T-Slot gantry. Noise and dust are huge problems with this machine. As such, I am designing an enclouse with connection to a dust collector. My goal is an industial machine that can handle any cnc project from the very small to indexed parts over 10" long. This is very important to my long term goals.