About Me - Teacher
 I became a teacher for several reasons. One, I was traveling an enormous amount of time and not having as much home time that was needed by family. When I was home I was not there mentally. I was nearing burnout in my sales career.

Two, I wanted to be emotionally and physically there for my children and my wife. It was after 9/11 and I wanted to serve my country in some meaningful way, so teaching technology, design, engineering and manufacturing was my way to serve my country. I feel I can get students ready for work and even start their own businesses while in High School. In my sales and marketing career, I visited several universities. My last visit was at Arizona State University in 2003. While there presenting to the mechanical engineering graduate level classes, I noticed only one American student in a class of twenty. The professor said that American students wanted to stock brokers and hedge fund manaters. I guess we saw how that worked out in 2008!

Three, being in sales and marketing for 18 years, I had lost my technical skills and the world had technically changed. I need to retool and learn new skills and fast. Being a teacher has allowed me to dramatically retool my technical skills to a degree I could not have imagined. Learning and mastering the Adobe Master Suite, SolidWorks, CAM software like CAMWorks and Vetric has been an incredible joy.

Picture of Ahmad Hares working for GM

Four, industry certifications have been so important to me personally and to my students. It let's me know I am sending students out into the work force and they can compete. Theses industry certifiications allows my students to go to college with superior skills, knowledge with portfolios and they have been incredibly successful. STEM competitions like the Technology Student Association and the F1in Schools competitions have been so wonderful to see where students go from there has made it worth while being a teacher.