About Me - My Interests

As a dad and now a grand father, my role is still the same, teaching why baseball is the best game ever. The lessons of hardwork, teamwork and character learned on baseball field last a life time. I get so much joy being around the kids, now going on 22 years.

My daughter, Audrey Hester, who is sweetest, funniest, smartest and most beautiful young lady I ever met. She pursued one of my interest and earned her BA in History. What a wow moment for her Daddy. She and her husband Matt, have given me another joy, Grayson My fourth grandson. Audrey works in Human Resources at Eckerd CollegeGo Peach!!
Audrey's wedding picture Audrey's yellow dress

My son, Austin, the most courageous person whom I have ever met, who overcame unbelievable odds and hardships to become a professional baseball player. Here is guy who played less than 3 games of high school varsity baseball and yet he did not let his coaches beat him and went on played professional baseball. Can you imagine, having work on the road in a place where 9,000 people are you cheering for you to fail. Austin does this all the time and yet has proven those 9,000 people wrong. That is courage.
Austin Pitching

 Yes, I have other interest, however family has always been the most interesting to me. It has and always will be. I love these guys.