About Me - Industry
 From 1977-2003, my years were spent working in Aerospace, PetroChem, and High Perfromance Technical Computing. In those 26 years, they were primarily focused on Computer Aided Design (CAD). In those years I was a Drafting Designer, a CAD Designer, CAD Production Manager, a CAD System Engineer, CAD Industry Marketing Specialist, CAD Account Executive, and Sales Director.

Durning these years I worked for a NASA contractor supporting the NASA Flight Operations Directorate. We were responsible for all flight documentation, technical drawings for flight operations for the Space Transporation System (STS), knowns as the Space Shuttle. NASA was the most important step in my career, because I learned technical drafting and Computer Aided Design (CAD), both on drafting boards and then on an Intergraph Corp CAD System. I worked on critical drawings and designs for the first flight of the Space Shuttle, STS-1, flown by Captain Bob Crippen and Commander John Young, former Apollo Lunar Astronaut.
Launch of STS-1 Space Shuttle Mission
I worked for some amazing people, Vic Bowen, Howard Blatch and Frank Corio all who coached me and led me to an exciting career. The picture below was taken by my manager, Howard Blatch, at 3:00 PM in the morning, working 3rd shift at Johnson Space Center. The other side of the wall behind me was Apollo 13 astronaut, James Lovell's office, another great astronaut and encouraging NASA leader. I cannot say enough good about these inspiring people who made the difference in my life.
Picture of me using and Intergrraph system at Johnson Space Center, NASA
Aftrer NASA, I went to work for the company that made the CAD software and CAD computer system, Intergraph Corp. Again, another good career move where I spent 11 years as a CAD systems engineer, CAD Marketing Specialist and was promoted to Account Sales Executive. As a CAD systems engineer, I was sent all over North American and was responsible customer implementation of CAD systems that purchase price ranged from $250,000 to well over $2,000,000. It was my job to make sure the customer was successful and exceeded their Return On Investment (ROI) for their business. This was tremendous design and CAD experience. I was put into nearly every imaginable design environment from architecture, mechincal manufacturing, petro-chemical and civil site and structural engineering. Having been a draftsman, CAD Designer and CAD manager was significant in my teaching and training new CAD customers. They in turn, gave me tremendous design environment experience and I learned to be confident with my technical and soft personal skills that got me promoted into sales for Intergraph Corp.

3D Plant Design image cfd of sports car

My years in sales at Intergraph were tremendous. In seven years, I sold over $19.2 Million in CAD systems hardware and software. By 1992, the market had change to desktop PC and 3D UNIX computers and Super Computers. I left Intergraph and went to SiliconGraphics Computer Systems (SGI) and was there for almost 4 years. SGI was famous for 3D Design Computers used on famous movies like Jurassic Park, Toy Story and Titanic. Also, SGI made the first low cost super computers, which were used by NASA, the Defense Industry, Petro-Chemical and Medical/Scientific Research. At SGI, I sold nearly $10M in 3D Workstations and Super Computers. 

Silicon Graphics Super Computer

After SGI, I worked for various computing companies (Compaq) and software companies, all in an effort to better my income and career. This all changed after 9/11, of which I needed a change from the travel, career burnout and wanting to spend more time with my family and serve my country. A World War II Veteran, Lyndon James told me a story when I entered college how he fought from North Africa to Italy to Berlin with General Patton. He told me should not have made it home after loosing so many fellow soldiers and friends and he knew he had to give back. So Lyndon came home to Texas to become a school teacher in the poorest schools on the Texas Mexican border town of Laredo Texas. His advice was to have a great career, make some money, then find a way to give it back. So after 9/11, I choose teaching and I could not be happier.