About Me - Designer

Design is always on my mind and I find myself always trying figure out new things to design and new things to manufacture. In popular culture today, we would like to accuse those like me and those who create something new or improve anything as being a geek or a nerd. If being a person, who embodies the American spirit of innovation, design and making our country the best, then being called a geek or a nerd, I will take that as a complement. I just see the opportunity to design something new everyday.

blanco cnc router designed in SolidWorks blanco cnc router and brant

Recently, I spent 13 months designing the CNC Router you see below. It was a challenge, because I did not have any money to purchase one a $15,000 machine. I was also challenged by some who I respect, Doug Wagner, the Manatee County Director of Adult Career Technical education. He was worried that we were spending to much on CNC machines and he was right. So I embarked on the design and manufacturing of this machine. Through 3D design, using SolidWorks, you can speed up the trial and error process. This machine was made with over 90% donated wood, and components. It ran in production in mid May 2013. Since then, this CNC Router has milled out over 1,000 parts. In a two and half hour period one day, it milled out sixty toy trucks for a vacation bible school class. The challenge was met, it cost, with electronic parts and a used refurbished computer under $900. Now I embark on making commercial kits and fully assembled machines for schools and individuals. Very excited about this.