About Me an Artist

Before I go off on being an artist, as you can now probably tell, I am Texan. I am a very proud Texan. My family has been in Texas since 1824 when we received a land grant from the King of Spain. My family fought for Texas independence and were wounded and one lost his life for Texas independence. The one who was wounded at the Battle of San Jacinto was General Sam Houston. I am extremely proud Texas is part of the United States and I support this because this makes Texas and the United States the greatest state and country on earth. Texas is the third most important thing to me, behind my God and family. Now, I live in the second greatest state in the Union, Florida. I see my role here in living in the beautiful state of Florida. as an ambassador of Texas. Texas and Florida, the east and west of Paradise!

All my life I have loved fine art and good design. I have always had a knack for design and computer aided design drafting. That "knack" for design and CAD has led me many times me away from what I truly love and I am probably best at art more than I am in design and cad. I have diluted myself in thinking I could only pay the bills and support my family in a career in design, cad and teaching. Ironically, I know I am right and ironically I know I am wrong.
Painting of Johnny Bench

With that anemic stab at self honesty, I will discuss my art and my belief as an artist. Let me first establish, that I honestly do not have a statement as an artist. You know or heard of artist who have made bold self defining statement(s) about their vision of their art and how they feel about being an artist. I never dove that deep into myself. Maybe that is my problem about my lack of consistent production as an artist. When I focus and concentrate as an artist, yeah I am pretty good and can hang with some pretty good artists. OK, I will make my bold statement as an artist. Here it is, "If I quit having the attention span of a nat and work consistently with my art, I will feel better about myself and produce some quality work". Yeah, it is pretty pathetic, but it is the best I can do for now.

Painting of Sparky Anderson
I do feel bad that I do not work consistently on my art and that I am consummed by life, family, teaching and other technology bobbles like CAD and CNC. Maybe those are my real mediums. I do not know, but I do know God gave me talent and I must use it or I will have to account as to why I wasted my talents. Yes that is negative, but it is probably my true statement as an artist. I better get busy, NOW!